2 Brand tag

Brand tag

The brand tag is the way we describe the combination of the Toyota brand signature and the endline area. The Toyota brand tag component is displayed top-left in header/navigation bar of all templates, all devices and responsive breakpoints. This cannot be changed.

2.1 Small (xs breakpoint)

Small (xs breakpoint)

image resolution: (82x68)

<img src="/images/logo/logo-toyota-xs.png"/>

2.2 Medium (sm breakpoint)

Medium (sm breakpoint)

image resolution: (100x83)

<img src="/images/logo/logo-toyota-sm.png"/>

2.3 SVG (scalable)

SVG (scalable)

Attention: this is a very large file and should not be included in any web page directly

<img src="/images/logo/logo-toyota.svg" style="height:80px"/>